Sunday, February 7, 2016

Double the Love! Double Your Donation!

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Between February 7 and midnight February 14 – one week only, some special people are offering $14,000 to double your donations to Feline Rescue – Double Cat Love! Help reach a total of at least $28,000 for Cat Love.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Gloria and TJ

A Fun Pair of Cats

Gloria was a stray mom cat who first came to Feline Rescue a few years ago. Since then, she has had a hard time finding just the right forever home. Gloria is a character. She is sweet but can be sassy too (she’s a typical tortie). She's shy at first, but once comfortable she's not shy at all. Gloria is vocal, and her foster family enjoys listening to her silly noises.

Gloria is about 5 years old and likes to stay active. Recently Gloria has the most fun playing with a little foster kitten named TJ, who was a stray rescued from animal control without his mom or family. Perhaps Gloria sort of misses being a mom. 

Gloria and TJ have so much fun chasing each other up and down the hallways in their foster home. They are each good at playing independently too. And they both love to watch birds and squirrels out the windows. This can keep them entertained for hours.   

TJ is a typical orange tabby kitten, easygoing and sweet with people.  He’s rambunctious and will keep you in stitches with his antics. He’s a snuggler too.

So if you can’t decide between adopting a kitten or an adult, adopt both! You will have snuggly and sassy. And you’ll always be entertained. Gloria and TJ make a fun pair! 

To hear more about them, call Molly at 651-295-3758 or email

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Tom and Maisy: Bonded Pair Seeks New Home Together

Tom was rescued almost three years ago. He had spent the winter outside and was in rough shape.

Tom was dirty and scared but was taken in by a kind person who taught him to trust again. He looks great now!


Tom loves to hang out on a lap and will sometimes sleep next to his people in bed. Wherever the people are, he's usually nearby. Tom needs a little time to warm up to strangers, but he's gotten a lot better over time. If you feed him, you'll be his best friend. He LOVES food. Tom is about 6 years old.

Maisy joined the family about two years ago as a foster cat. She is about 5 years old and was rescued from an outdoor colony in December, just before it got really cold.

Maisy was very shy and scared but has since become more comfortable and has learned to seek out affection from people on her own terms. She loves living indoors, though she's still easily spooked by loud noises and sudden movements. Maisy has learned a lot from Tom, and they are now partners in crime.

Now that Maisy’s foster needs to move out of state and can’t take both Maisy and Tom along, he’s decided that they can't be separated so it’s better to help find Tom and Maisy a new home where they can stay together. They have been together for more than two years and love to play and snuggle with each other. Shy Maisy will adjust better to a new home with her best pal Tom along.

Tom and Maisy have been very lucky so far. Now they need good luck once more to find their forever home. If you are looking for a sweet pair of cats, please consider this gentle orange guy and his sweet little friend. Call Molly for more information at 651-295-3758 or email

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Older Gents Looking for Homes

Looking for a big, sweet guy to keep your lap nice and warm this winter? Look no further than one of the following experienced lap warmers. Chief, Gibbs, Kramer and Mr. Short are four fabulous older male kitties being cared for in our foster program who are in need of a home and lap to call their own.

Chief - huggable, lovable dude (8 years young)

Gibbs - adorable, affectionate and young at heart (13 years young)

Kramer - fluffalicious guy, "Uncle" to foster kittens (14 years young)

Mr. Short - intelligent, handsome gentleman (12 years young)

To learn more about these fabulous, older kitties, please contact Joan our volunteer foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Oscar the Grouch Needs Your Help

Oscar the Grouch was found in a trash can earlier today. Not only did he stink to high heaven but his right eye was not in its socket. It's not a recent injury but it's not one that's healed fully or properly. Gangrene is setting in (another reason he stinks). He was rushed to our vet where he is receiving medical attention. The extent of his injuries is not quite fully known yet. He's getting blood work (and a bath!) and will soon have surgery to repair his ocular cavity. He will recuperate in Foster care.

Oscar would like to point out that he's not grouchy. He's actually taking his ordeal in stride. He's being a good little patient and even put up with a bath and being poked and prodded by the vet. He's keeping his spirits up and is particularly happy to not be living in a trash can anymore.

To contribute towards Oscar's vet bills, you can donate online via "Network for Good" or "Pay Pal" or see our Donate Now page for additional options. Please enter "Oscar the Grouch's vet bills" in the Designation field if donating via Network for Good to ensure that the donation is recorded for Oscar's vet bills. Any amount will be thoroughly appreciated.

Donating by credit card via Network for Good Online:

donatenow verilogo

Please enter "Oscar the Grouch's Vet Bills" in the Designation field.

Donating by PayPal or credit card via PayPal Online:

Donating by Personal Check:

Donations by personal check can be mailed to:

Feline Rescue, Inc.
Attn: Donations
593 Fairview Ave N
St. Paul, MN 55104

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Home for the Holidays

It's been a warm Fall this year and Feline Rescue has dozens of foster kittens looking for a home of their own for the holidays.  Some of our foster kittens were part of a photo shoot recently with KrisKreativ Photography. Hope you enjoy their holiday photos!

To learn more about our foster adoption process and kittens available for adoption, please contact Joan our volunteer foster adoption coordinator at 651-705-6264 or by submitting an online adoption inquiry form.





Strawberry Shortcake






Monday, November 9, 2015

Hughie and Lulu: one year update

A year ago, Hughie was a lonely and shy stray kitten rescued from animal control. Lulu was a 6-week-old kitten fending for herself outside in the early cold snap after her mother and siblings were trapped and brought inside without her. Once rescued, Lulu met Hughie in foster care, and from there life got better and better for both of them.

Here's an update from Mercedes, who adopted the best friends together:

I was just musing about how happy I am to have them in my life! They are both doing awesome. So much personality, and wonderful to see how they've grown and opened up.

Hughie is still a shy guy, and has that flight response from his feral streak, but he loves snuggles and he's perfectly comfortable around me. He follows me around and helps me get ready for work and sleeps curled up on my feet at the computer. He's very playful when he thinks no one is watching, and he carries the crocheted toy you left with him everywhere.

Lulu is a great influence on him, and makes him braver than he'd otherwise be. He's gotten big and strong (12.5 lbs) and he's built like a panther, but he's so gentle and sweet...

Lulu is a character. She's affectionate, brave, and a natural hunter. She is "cat" incarnate. Tiny and fearless, she keeps the house bug free, while cuddling in my lap every second she gets. She loves to be talked to, and is so adorable it hurts.

Both of them sleep with me every night, and they love each other to death. They're both model citizens. I couldn't imagine life without them.

Thanks again for bringing them into our lives. The work you do is so great.
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